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Advisory/Advocacy Services

· 380 County Route 51, Malone, NY, 12953 · Map

Provides an opportunity for those with cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities to meet and discuss the needs of those in the group, and find ways to advocate a solution for a single person or the group regarding physical, political, discriminatory…


Case/Care Management Services

· 231 New York Road, Plattsburgh, NY, 12903 · Map

Provides a plan of care for families/care providers/ guardians with children and adultsdiagnosed with developmental disabilities. This program assists families/ care providers/ guardians to secure benefits, advocate in school, accessing programs and funding and providing crisis intervention and support.…


Disease/Disability Care Services

· 4 Pine Left Plaza , Albany, NY, 12206 · Map

Provides coordinators to assist and support families to understand the current system of services and benefits, and how to navigate them, also links families to medical and rehabilitation services in the community. Also educates families, individuals, and care providers…


Information/Referral Services

· 80 Sharon Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY, 12901 · Map

Provides information and referrals to resources and services that can be accessed in surrounding communities for individuals with disabilities and their families. Also advocates in various ways to create, change or enhance the rights and services for those with…

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