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Taxonomy Code: YF-5000

An alteration in thinking, mood or behavior or some combination of those that either creates distress or interferes with people's relationships or their ability function.

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Service NameDescriptionLocationProgramAgency
Benefits Assistance ServicesProvides financial management and training to enable recipients of mental health services, who receive SSI/SSD benefits, to live independently.FultonREPRESENTATIVE PAYEE SERVICESMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Case/Care Management ServicesThe Aging Out Adolescent Program works with the Albany County Department of Mental Health helping adolescents "aging out" of the Children's Mental Health System make the transition to adult services and live as independently as possible. In addition to counseling and case management, we also help with housing, education, vocational training and employment.AlbanyAGING OUT ADOLESCENT PROGRAM (AOA)HOMELESS AND TRAVELERS AID SOCIETY (HATAS)
Case/Care Management ServicesBlended Case Management is an OMH-certified program targeted to serve high-risk, high-need adults with serious and persistent mental illness. Services are delivered by community-based collaborative intervention to increase community tenure and avoid unnecessary hospitalization. The program develops individualized plans to problem solve and overcome obstacles faced by consumers with a focus on rehabilitation and service linkage.ColumbiaBLENDED CASE MANAGEMENTMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Case/Care Management ServicesBridges to Health (B2H) is a Medicaid Waiver Program designed to supplement NYS Medicaid state plan services to populations of foster care youth, their families and caregivers. Foster care children and youth may have medical/physical, emotional and/or developmental challenges. The program works to support children and caregivers in the lowest level of care possible including return to home and/or adoption. The goal of the program is to support youth as they reach their highest level of potential, attain permanency and develop social and emotional competencies that provide for healthy, permanent families. Available services include: Case Management/Health Care Integration; Skill Building; Family Caregiver Supports; Day Habilitation; Pre-vocational Services; Supported Employment; Planned Respite; Community Advocacy and Support; Crisis Avoidance, Management and Training; Immediate Crisis Response, In-home Support, and Crisis Respite; Accessibility Modification; and, Adaptive and Assistive Equipment.AlbanyBRIDGES TO HEALTH HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES WAIVERPARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER
Case/Care Management ServicesCase management services are intended to ensure that the most basic needs (i.e. adequate shelter, clothing, and nutrition) of either individuals or families are met. Subsequent case management services might entail assistance in ensuring that clients gain access to psychiatric, psychological, social, educational, medical, vocational and any and all other services that promote their ability to achieve and maintain independence and optimal functioning in the community. Intensive Case Management (ICM) is a specialized state Medicaid funded program with specific eligibility criteria with services similar to those as described above.HamiltonCASE/CARE MANAGEMENT / MENTAL ILLNESS / EMOTIONAL DISABILITIESHAMILTON COUNTY COMMUNITY SERVICES
Case/Care Management ServicesThe Single Point of Access is a centralized intake process for referrals for high-intensity mental health services for children and adults who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness and whose illness interferes with their ability to function. Case management services will assist individuals with serious mental illness to obtain needed medical, social, psychosocial, educational, financial, vocational and other needed services. Case managers monitor service delivery and respond to changes in a person's need. direct care is also provided through teaching, community integration, supportive counseling and crisis intervention.WarrenSINGLE POINT OF ACCESS (SPOA)MENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT- COMMUNITY SERVICES FOR WARREN AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES
Education ServicesProvides supportive education services for adults with mental illness, to achieve educational goals.ClintonLEARNING UNLIMITEDBEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
Education ServicesProvides various educational programs for students with physical, emotional or developmental disabilities. Other services included are physical, occupational and speech therapy, assitive technology, psychological services, and more. Programs offered: Program for Multiple Disabilities - Geared for students with severe developmental and physical disabilities and focus primarily on motor development, perceptual development, daily living skills, language development and socialization. Program for Developmental Disabilities - Geared for students with developmental disabilities and are unable to function in a less-restrictive educational program. Focus is on social, self-help and communication skills, and emphasizing reading, writing and math skills. Program for Emotional Disabilites - Geared to students with severe emotional disabilities (impulsiveness, inattentiveness, defiant behavior, and withdrawn, etc.) and focuses on behavior management and crisis intervention. Autism Program - Geared for students diagnosed with autism and focuses on social skills by utilizing research-based methods such as applied behavior analysis, visual strategies, picture exchange communication, augmentiative communication, functional behavioral assessment and postive behavior supports. ClintonSPECIAL EDUCATIONCHAMPLAIN VALLEY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (CV-TEC, SPECIAL EDUCATION, INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES)
Education/Training ServicesGreatFinds, a thrift boutique for women in Albany is a vocational training center for individuals who want to enter or re-enter the workforce. Trainees learn standard business practices, use equipment common in the retail industry, handle customer requests and are involved in many aspects of running the store.AlbanyGREATFINDSEQUINOX
Employment ServicesProvides an employment network of services to help individuals with mental, emotional, physical or learning disabilities to attain work. Services include supported employment, job development, job coaching, pre-employment skills, and more.EssexADIRONDACK EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIESMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN ESSEX COUNTY
Employment ServicesOffers job training, and prejob guidance to help individuals with mental illness begin to get back into the work force by various means, such as job coaching, psychosocial clubs, and supported employment.AlbanyEMPLOYMENT SERVICESREHABILITATION SUPPORT SERVICES (RSS) - ALBANY
Employment ServicesOffers thrift stores which provides supportive employment and job training for adults with mental illness, in retail work experience.FultonHANDY UPS AND DOWNS THRIFT STORESMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Employment ServicesThe Vocational Services Program is a community mental health program serving persons 18 or over with severe and persistent mental illness, who are seeking to enter the workforce. The goal of vocational services is to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining employment in their chosen field via individual counseling and-or a job club model. Staff help prepare people to search for employment, assists them with the hiring process and provides ongoing support once employed. The program assists individuals with activities such as connecting with community resources for benefits advisement, intensive job coaching, or obtaining work attire. In addition, staff coordinates employment concerns with clinical providers and employers to provide a continuity of care and to optimize the probability of success.AlbanyVOCATIONAL SERVICESNORTHEAST CAREER PLANNING
Employment ServicesOffers job training and support services through the work center with an assessment and building practical job skills, and under supervision the participants work and get paid for a variety of services. There is also training in janitorial, greenhouse/horticultural or customer service.FranklinVOCATIONAL TRAININGCITIZEN ADVOCATES NORTH STAR FAMILY OF SERVICES
Home Care ServicesCapital Region Health Connections-Health Home Care Management Services iS a freestanding program that provides services to seriously mentally ill adults. The focus of the Health Home program is on those recipients with extensive Mental Health histories.AlbanyHEALTH HOMES CARE COORDINATIONALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH
Housing ServicesMohawk Opportunities operates four (4) community residences which provide short-term support and housing to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The goal of the program is to offer these individuals with the necessary support as they prepare to transition to a more permanent community living situation.SchenectadyCOMMUNITY RESIDENCE PROGRAMMOHAWK OPPORTUNITIES
Housing ServicesDominion House is a 12 bed crisis residence which provides short term support and housing to individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness. Individuals referred to the program have experienced a crisis that has disrupted their stability in the community or are in the process of transitioning back to the community after a period of stay in a more intensive residential setting/hospital. The goal of the program is to offer these individuals a safe, stable place to stay and provide them with necessary supports as they stabilize and prepare to transition to a more permanent community living situation.SchenectadyDOMINION HOUSEMOHAWK OPPORTUNITIES
Housing ServicesThe Housing and Urban Development Program (HUD) provides permanent supported housing for those who have a mental illness and are homeless. Eleven slots are available in Columbia and Greene Counties, with their location determined by need.ColumbiaHOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (HUD)MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Housing ServicesProvides housing with support services for homeless individuals with mental illness.ClintonHOUSING NORTHBEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
Housing ServicesThis is a supervised residential program for 12 men who have both a mental illness and an addiction. It helps residents build skills necessary for maintaining sobriety, developing a community support network (AA,NA,ACOA), personal self-care and positive social relationships.AlbanyRECOVERY RESIDENCEEQUINOX
Housing ServicesProvides a housing program for homeless people with dual diagnosis (mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction).ClintonSHELTER NORTHBEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
Housing ServicesA program that assists men suffering from varying degrees of mental illness and substance abuse. These men are referred to the "Y" by a community service agency (SPOA, Ellis Hospital, Conifer Park, etc...) and are receiving some form of income (SSI, SSD, Veterans Benefits, Pensions.) Participants are attached to case management within the building and transportation is available to ensure appointments are kept. If an individual is in need of a representative payee, they can sign up for that at the "Y." There is a full time Payeeship Coordinator to assist residents with budgeting the money properly. The majority of the men in this program are currently on some type of medication and the "Y" manages their medication to ensure they stay med compliant. The med office is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year. Residents are expected to come to the med office to take their daily medication. The Economic Development Program exposes all men living at the YMCA to various job opportunities in the community. This also allows men to obtain assistance in making themselves a more valuable commodity in the work force (GED, college, resume writing and interviewing skills.)AlbanySUPPORTED HOUSING PROGRAMCAPITAL DISTRICT YMCA
Housing ServicesSupported Housing Program provides affordable housing and community based supports to individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness The program utilizes scattered site rental units located in the City of Schenectady and has the capacity to serve 42 individuals at any given time. The level of service provided by staff varies according to the needs of each individual.SchenectadySUPPORTED HOUSING PROGRAMMOHAWK OPPORTUNITIES
Housing ServicesSupported Housing Program (SHUD) provides permanent housing opportunities. The hallmark of this program is the management of a rent stipend that parallels a HUD Section-8 stipend. Staff support is provided, although not with the intensity of the CAP apartment program.ColumbiaSUPPORTED HOUSING PROGRAM (SHUD)MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Information/Referral ServicesProvides information and referrals which focus on children who are at risk of placement outside the home due to a mental health disorder, on existing services and identifies needed supports in order for these children to live successfully within the community.FultonSINGLE POINT OF ACCESS (SPOA) FOR CHILDREN SERVICESMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Mental Health ServicesApogee Center provides peer support to individuals seeking or maintaining mental wellness. Peer support is available one to one or through groups. Apogee Center seeks to help individuals identify their stregnths and passions a a pathway to wellness and community participation.ColumbiaAPOGEE CENTERMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Mental Health ServicesThe Assertive Community Treatment program serves high priority individuals of Albany County. This program provides case management, crisis intervention, wellness management and recovery skills, medication support and work related support services.AlbanyASSERTIVE COMMUNITY TREATMENT PROGRAM (ACT)ALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH
Mental Health ServicesThis service replaces the Targeted Case Management Services. This agency contracts with Adirondack Health Institute (AHI) and provides linkage and supports to assist individuals with their mental and physical health care needs. – OMH funded and contract with Health Home and DOH.EssexCARE COORDINATION, HOME HEALTH ,CRISIS ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM, HOUSING, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT,WELLNESS SCREENINGSMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN ESSEX COUNTY
Mental Health ServicesThe case management service provides services to individuals in need of accessing necessary medical, psychiatric, social, psychosocial, educational, vocational, financial, housing and other services in accordance with goals identified by the recipient in a written case management plan.GreeneCASE MANAGEMENTGREENE COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER
Mental Health ServicesOffers outpatient mental health treatment services for seriously emotionally disturbed children and their families. Also provides school-based services on-site at 11 different schools in local districts. Services include comprehensive mental health assessment, individual and family therapy, psychiatric consultation and medication management, and referral to adjunct services.ClintonCHILD AND FAMILY CLINICBEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES NORTH (BHSN)
Mental Health ServicesThe Crisis Intake and Crisis Stabilization Intervention Units respond to the needs of children by providing emergency evaluation and triage services. Most often, referrals regard children who are suicidal, exhibiting psychotic behavior or are exhibiting aggressive behavior.AlbanyCHILDREN'S SERVICESALBANY COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH
Mental Health ServicesClinton Avenue Supportive Apartments provides supportive housing for individuals who are homeless and are diagnosed with an AXIS I psychiatric diagnosis. AlbanyCLINTON AVENUE SUPPORTIVE APARTMENTSCAPITAL AREA PEER SERVICES (CAPS)
Mental Health ServicesThe CARE Line is a peer-run non-crisis telephone line (chatline) that provides a safe, comfortable atmosphere for consumers of mental health services to confide in other consumers in a mutually supportive manner. AlbanyCONSUMER ALTERNATIVE RECOVERY EMPOWERMENT PHONE LINE (CARE LINE)CAPITAL AREA PEER SERVICES (CAPS)
Mental Health ServicesThe Consumer Drop-In Center has social activities and peer-run groups for people with a psychiatric diagnosis. Dinner is served daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. AlbanyCONSUMER DROP-IN CENTER (CDIC)CAPITAL AREA PEER SERVICES (CAPS)
Mental Health ServicesEast Side Center is a psychiatric rehabilitation program which supports personal growth in various areas of life. Well-being and rehabilitation are fostered through vocational and pre-vocational programs, supportive counseling, recreation and socialization activities, educational training and health workshops. Also offers Project C.H.O.I.C.E. is a 12 week vocational program which helps people make important decisions about working. Time is spent taking stock of personal values and characteristics that have a significant impact on success in the workplace. Work preferences are examined to help individuals make choices that are likely to lead to satisfaction and success. Information about effective relationships at work and positive work behaviors is presented via videotapes, speakers and group exercises. Resume development and interviewing skills are also addressed.WarrenEAST SIDE CENTERMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT- COMMUNITY SERVICES FOR WARREN AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES
Mental Health ServicesThe Empowerment Exchange offers individualized peer-to-peer outreach and support to individuals who may find it difficult to reach out and connect to their neighbors and members of their communities. It provides advocacy services that protect the rights and interests of the individual, offers support to help the person make more use of community facilities and community life, and acts as a clearinghouse of information related to self help, mutual support, rights, natural community supports and alternatives. The Empowerment Exchange hosts a range of self help groups and activities that promote wellness, recovery and self determination and hosts a confidential, non-crisis peer support line that is operated by individuals in all stages of recovery who offer hope and strength to individuals who are experiencing fear, grief, sadness, anger, anxiety, or loneliness.AlbanyEMPOWERMENT EXCHANGEMENTAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECT (MHEP)
Mental Health ServicesProvides comprehensive mental health care in a secured treatment facility for individuals with developmental disabilities who have been arrested, engaged in criminal-based behavior, or have mental illness.FranklinFORENSIC SERVICESSUNMOUNT DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES OFFICE (DDSO)
Mental Health ServicesProvides a 24-hour supervised community residence in a homelike setting, for adults diagnosed with severe or persistent mental illness who have the ability to live more independent away from a hospital setting.FranklinGROUP HOMELAKESIDE HOUSE
Mental Health ServicesProvides a variety of support services for those with mental illness and their families. Support groups, educating the patient and family about specific mental illness and treatments, along with with advocating for clients when other services are needed. Family services are available in all three counties. However, adult services available only in Clinton County.ClintonMENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACYNATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS OF CHAMPLAIN VALLEY
Mental Health ServicesProvides, evaluation and treatment for children and adults suffering from emotional or psychiatric disorders, along with support for the family.ClintonMENTAL HEALTH SERVICESCLINTON COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION SERVICES
Mental Health ServicesThe Perry Street Mental Health Residence is a rehabilitative program in a nine-bed congregate care setting designed to provide a structured and supportive environment for individuals who are currently unable to maintain themselves independently due to complications managing a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse. FultonMICA MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY RESIDENCECATHOLIC CHARITIES OF FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Mental Health ServicesWater Street Studio seeks to help individuals identify their strengths and passions as a pathway to wellness and community participation. Groups are available to provide support and resources for individuals.ColumbiaWATER STREET STUDIOMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesProvides recreational, social and educational activities are offered for adults and children, with mental or emotional illness, and their families.FultonFAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Recreation/Sport/Fitness ServicesProvides recreational therapy for children and adolescents with mental illness to help them socialize, build new skills, and to learn to interact with different situations.AlbanyRECREATION/SPORT/FITNESS SERVICESREHABILITATION SUPPORT SERVICES (RSS) - ALBANY
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesEddy DayBreak is an innovative adult day service that helps improve quality of life for seniors who still live independently in the community, or who are cared for by family members. DayBreak programs offer a full range of health and social services to help older adults with physical, emotional, or mental impairments, or who require supervision and/or medical care. Services enable older adults to remain independent for as long as possible, while allowing caregivers relief from the responsibilities of at-home caregiving so they can fulfill work or other obligations.RensselaerEDDY DAYBREAK ADULT DAY SERVICESNORTHEAST HEALTH
Rehabilitation/Habilitation ServicesProvides a residential treatment facility and day program for individuals diagnosed with mental illness.AlbanyREHABILITATION/HABILITATION SERVICESREHABILITATION SUPPORT SERVICES (RSS) - ALBANY
Residential Care ServicesOffers a residential program for adults who have established more independence and need less supervision, to move into an apartment.FultonAPARTMENT PROGRAMMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Residential Care ServicesLocated in a quiet residential neighborhood, Cohoes Residence offers 14 adults with serious mental illness assistance with day-to-day living and teaches a wide variety of skills needed to live independently in the community.AlbanyCOHOES RESIDENCEEQUINOX
Residential Care ServicesThe Comprehensive Apartment Program (CAP) provides residential services to people living in apartment settings. Residents learn rehabilitation skills such as money management, budgeting, and household management in a more independent setting than a supervised housing program.ColumbiaCOMPREHENSIVE APARTMENT PROGRAM (CAP)MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Residential Care ServicesHolt House is a specialized program serving 11 adults who have both a mental illness and developmental disability. It offers a structured daily schedule as well as training and support to live more independently.AlbanyHOLT HOUSEEQUINOX
Residential Care ServicesOffers a variety of living arrangements for individuals with mental illness, depending on their needs. There is community residences, apartment programs, supported housing programs and residences for those with dual diagnosis.AlbanyRESIDENTIAL CARE SERVICESREHABILITATION SUPPORT SERVICES (RSS) - ALBANY
Residential Care ServicesResidential services for court-placed male adolescents aged 11-18 with psychiatric issues-diagnoses. This dorm has an 8-bed capacity and intensive staffing with a staff-to-resident ratio of 1:3. All youth residing in this dorm receive educational services at the School at Northeast. They are typically in self-contained classrooms where they receive specialized academic instruction and attention from teaching staff which includes a teacher and two teacher assistants. Individual, group, and family counseling focused on the reason for referral is provided. Medication is monitored by a psychiatrist. Northeast recruits volunteers to assist with teaching and instruction in the residential treatment center, who must go through a training program.SchenectadyRESIDENTIAL TREATMENT CENTERSNORTHEAST PARENT AND CHILD SOCIETY
Residential Care ServicesOffers supported housing in the form of community residences or group homes for adults and children with mental illness, and helps them attain the most independence possible.FultonSUPPORTED HOUSINGMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Support ServicesOffers trained community volunteers who are matched with adults or children with mental illness, in order to provide friendship, support and guidance, along with fun activities for a few hours every month.FultonCOMPEER PROGRAMMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Support ServicesProvides support to mental health recipients to ensure their rights are respected, and that they have input in all phases of treatment and planning, along with access to centers that offer recreational, social and educational opportunities.FultonCONSUMER INITIATIVESMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION IN FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES
Support ServicesOffers supervised, community-based residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities or mental illness which works to integrate them in the community, and build as much independence as possible. Also provides respite care for families who need someone to care for a loved one while they rest or are away from home.FranklinRESIDENTIAL AND RESPITE CARECITIZEN ADVOCATES NORTH STAR FAMILY OF SERVICES
Support ServicesRESPITE workers implement activities for children and adolescents (17 and under) with an emotional, social and/or behavioral disorder. Children of adults with a psychiatric disability are also eligible for respite services. Respite arrangements are designed to meet the family needs.ColumbiaRESPITEMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES
Support ServicesSupported Education is a mobile, community mental health program designed to assist people with psychiatric conditions with choosing, getting and keeping educational goals. Services are provided in individual counseling sessions in the office or directly on campus. Support is provided to individuals seeking to get a GED, attend vocational training, or attend college. AlbanySUPPORTED EDUCATIONNORTHEAST CAREER PLANNING

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